Spellings for Friday 21st June, 2019

Hello Students, Parents and Carers,

The Spellings for this Friday are as follows:











These word are found in the Year 3/4 Spellings list.  Please ensure that these words are inserted and practiced.  We will go through a revision on Wednesday and Thursday. 🙂


Estimating Volume

Deer class had fun estimating the capacity of different containers then measuring them to see if their estimates were correct. 

Gran Can You Rap?


In English, the year group has been learning about performance poetry.  We have been discussing the different features of performance poetry as well as focusing on the poem’s delivery.  To practice this, students have been introduced to a poem called Gran Can You Rap? by Jack Ousby.

Here is Stag Class reciting Gran Can You Rap?

Flower lifecycle wheels

In Science this term we are continuing our learning about plants! This week, Fox class were looking at the life cycle of a flowering plant and created some lifecycle wheels to demonstrate their understanding. Some of the designs were fantastic and Fox class really demonstrated fabulous subject knowledge! 

Rhyming sentences

On Monday Fox class were looking at matching rhyming words and creating their own rhyming sentences with some of the words they had thought of. We have had a lot of fun looking with rhyming this week, and have begun to write our own poems! 

Homework due Monday June 10th, 2019

Hello students, parents and carers,

Please ensure that the following spellings are inserted in your reading diary for next week. There will be a spelling test on Friday 14th June, 2019.  Students will be practicing homophones.  The spelling words are:

  • allowed
  • aloud
  • sight
  • site
  • meddle
  • medal
  • peace
  • piece
  • missed
  • mist

Please continue to practice your times table knowledge through

Times Table Rockstars 🙂

Optional Maths Challenge:

This week, students have been extending their knowledge of fractions.  Please ask students how they might share 36 Skittles amongst: 2 people, 4 people, 6 people and (for extra challenge) 8 people.

If you’re so inclined:

Please continue to practice your coding on any of these web pages:




In Stag class, we have seen some impressive progress where new and more challenging levels have been reached! 🙂