Colour wheel

Today children learnt about the colour wheel. Children were able to identify primary and secondary colours. Children learnt which colours are warm colours and which colours are cool colours. Children also explored complimentary colours. Have a look at their work.

Homework Summer 2 Week 3 – Due Wednesday 28th June

This half term we are going to be comparing the city of London to Paris.

This week we would like you to research a famous landmark in London. You can present your findings in any way that you wish. E.g. blog post, travel guide, advert, fact file.


Spelling words for this week:

possible   potatoes   pressure   probably   promise

purpose    quarter   question   recent     regular


Today Fox class have been very creative. They were given some materials and were asked in small groups to make a flower which showed the different parts of the flower including: style, stigma, filament, anther and pollen. Have a look at their work: 

Lunchtime Surveys

Year Four @ Selsdon

We are looking at ways to improve children’s experiences during lunchtime at SPS. In order to get as many different viewpoints as possible, we are surveying all those who have an interest or involvement in school lunchtimes. As a result, we have devised questionnaires for parents and children and would be very grateful for your input. The surveys are short and anonymous. All you need to do is click on the relevant link below and answer a few short questions. Children will have an opportunity to complete their survey at school if they have not already done so at home.

Many thanks

Ms Gomulka and Miss Kelley

Parents’ survey –​

Children’s survey –​

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Grenfell Tower Appeal

Children need to either wear appropriate clothes for PE or bring in their PE kit.

Selsdon Primary School and Nursery

On Monday 19th June 2017 we are holding a mufti-day to raise money for the residents of Grenfell Tower. We are asking children to come to school in their own clothes in return for donation towards the Grenfell Tower appeal.

We will donate all money raised to:

Our thoughts are with everyone affected.

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